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The Professor B Math Program Saves Teachers and Parents an Enormous Amount of Time!

Copyright © Everard Barrett, 2001

We are very pleased to hear from so many of you who have based your opinion of our methodology on the experience of using it with children

You are discovering the following about our methodology:
  1. Many children who hated math now love it.
  2. Children's failure in math has been quickly transformed to competence.
  3. Children acquire a thorough understanding of mathematics that significantly enhances their capacity to learn and enjoy its more advanced topics.
  4. Teachers and parents SAVE A LOT OF TIME by using our program.

Regarding the third statement above, there have been a large number of high school students who, in spite of a rote mechanical competence in math (which means they could often get correct answers but could not explain the "steps"), became mediocre math students either in more advanced high school courses or in college.

The fourth statement is literally true. Some examples involving the use of our unique methodology clarify this issue:
  1. Kindergarten and first grade children learn to read fifteen-digit numbers (in the hundreds of trillions) in less than fifteen minutes and by the same methodology, go on to master place value up to the hundred trillion's place two weeks later (traditionally, children are only beginning to work with seven digit numbers in fifth grade).
  2. Second graders master all addition, subtraction, multiplication, division facts and long division (if they begin their experience of our methodology in pre-kindergarten to first grade).
  3. Third through fifth graders, who begin our program in pre-k through second grade, master the content of seventh grade arithmetic.
  4. Historically, our math program is still the only methodology in this nation that has enabled whole classes of fifth and sixth graders, in the poorest of neighborhoods, to perform outstandingly on statewide exams traditionally taken by the brightest ninth graders (documentation available upon request).
  5. A teacher or parent who uses our methods to teach children the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts will complete this objective with remarkable speed. For example, by means of our methodology, a parent can teach her first or second grader the four times table (or any other) in about 20 minutes.
  6. Our program does not expose children to a topic one year and then return to it over the next two years in order to have them achieve mastery. Once any new topic is introduced, our methodology permits children to achieve total mastery within a few weeks (the "secret" is our way of verbalizing explanations that enable children to understand a topic the first time they experience it).
  7. Children who learn math by means of our verbalizations can, in turn, verbalize it (in the same way) to other children and, as they do this, they are functioning as MASTER TEACHERS of their classmates and younger siblings.
  8. By merely supervising their older children when they teach younger siblings, PARENTS SAVE AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF THEIR OWN TIME!
  9. There are two wonderful advantages for children who teach others:
    (a) they reinforce their knowledge of math; and
    (b) they gain much self esteem.
  10. Children who memorize mechanical "steps" for getting answers or who cannot see connections (because they do a part of a topic one year and other parts in subsequent years) have not learned the verbalizations that enable them to explain mathematics. Consequently,
    (a) they can only tell those they "teach" to "do the steps" and
    (b) they will not be good teachers of their classmates or siblings.